For our members we provide a newsletter as well as job openings in the area of mathematical signal and image processing. Besides an annual meeting of our group, our members organize various sections at the main international conferences as well as at the annual GAMM conferences. We also hold close relations to other international groups with a similar research focus.

If you are interested in our activity group, we would like to invite you to join as a member. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Research Interests

The research goals of our activity group encompasses all areas related to the broad research field of mathematical signal and image processing. We aim for a close interaction between mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers to initiate mutual collaborations which we believe will be highly beneficial for both sides. This includes the application of, for instance,

  • Applied Harmonic Analysis and Frame Theory,
  • Compressed Sensing,
  • Geometric and Topological Techniques,
  • Mathematical Morphology,
  • Partial Differential Equations,
  • Probabilistic and Statistical Methodologies,
  • Variational Methods,

in the exemplary areas of

  • Signal and Image acquisition,
  • Signal and image processing,
  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Machine Learning.