Dear colleagues,

In this newsletter, we will inform you about the following topics:
1.) Call for Young Researcher for Minisymposium at Annual GAMM Meeting 2018
2.) Our Session "Mathematical Signal and Image Processing" at Annual GAMM
     Meeting 2018
3.) Gene Golub SIAM Summer School
4.) New Job Openings:
4.1) PhD Position within the DFG Research Training Group 1932 
"Stochastic Models
      for Innovations in the Engineering Sciences" (AG Image and Data 
4.2) IPODI Post-Doc Fellowships at TU Berlin
4.3) Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in the Mathematics of 
Information, Cambridge, UK
5.) Upcoming Workshops and Conferences:
5.1) (New) IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application 
5.2) Previously announced meetings

1.) Call for Young Researcher for Minisymposium at Annual GAMM Meeting 2018

Since during the last years, young members of our activity group were always
very successful when applying for such a Minisymposium, we would like to
encourage our young researchers to apply also this year. In parallel, please
let us know whether you plan to apply by December 17, since we would then
support your application by a letter to the GAMM office.

The new call can be found at
with a deadline of December 31, 2016. The call is as follows:

Like classical minisymposia, a young researchers' minisymposium shall 
focus on a
specific, timely research subject. It will last two hours with four to 
six lectures.
Two organisers from two different institutions apply for a young 
minisymposium. Like all other speakers, they should be at most 35 years 
old and
not yet hold a tenured professor position. The speakers should also come 
different institutions.


2.) Our Session "Mathematical Signal and Image Processing"

The deadline for submission of an abstract is December 20. If you are 
to present, please contact Gabriele Steidl (Kaiserslautern) or Jan 
Lellmann (Lübeck).

3.) Gene Golub SIAM Summer School

The 2017 Gene Golub SIAM Summer School will take place from May 29 to 
June 9, 2017,
at the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz. The organizers of the school are 
Gitta Kutyniok,
Jörg Liesen, and Volker Mehrmann from the Institute of Mathematics of TU 

The school is intended for advanced Master and PhD students in the 
sciences. Four courses will be given in the area of "Data Sparse 
and Algorithms" on the following topics:
- theory of sparse representation and approximation
- tensor based methods and computation
- algorithms for sparse numerical linear algebra
- sparsity in optimization

The school will cover all local costs and provide partial travel support 
for all
participants. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2017.

More details about the school, and in particular the application 
procedure can be
found at


4.) New Job Openings


5.) Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

5.1) (New) IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application

This conference takes place Tuesday 19 - Thursday 21 September 2017  at 
the Isaac
Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK. For more information, we refer to

 5.2) Previously announced meetings

1) Shape, Images and Optimization (3rd Applied Mathematics Symposium 
Germany, Münster, 28. February - 3. March 2017.
2) Annual GAMM Meeting 2017, Ilmenau and Weimar, March 6-10, 2017.
3) The 6th International Conference on Scale Space and Variational 
Methods in
Computer Vision, Denmark, 4-8 June 2017.

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be very
happy if you could let us know.

With best regards,

Martin Burger and Gitta Kutyniok