Dear colleagues,

Although the new year is not that young anymore, we would still like to
wish you a happy, healthy, and successful 2017. In the first newsletter
of this year, we will inform you about about the following topics:
1.) Our Annual Meeting 2017 in Bremen
2.) Renewal of our GAMM Activity Group
3.) MSIP Membership Assembly + Elections
4.) GAMM Junior Class of 2017
5.) New Job Openings
6.) Upcoming Workshops and Conferences


1.) Our Annual Meeting 2017 in Bremen


In this year, our Annual MSIP-Meeting will take place in Bremen from
September 18--20, 2017, organized by Emily King. Thanks a lot Emily!
It would be great if you could already reserve those dates. Once a
webpage is set up and registration starts, we will inform you.

2.) Renewal of our GAMM Activity Group

This year, our GAMM Activity Group has to be evaluated for the first time. This is the canonical procedure for activity groups each six years.
For this, we will submit a report this month.


3.) MSIP Membership Assembly + Elections


During the Annual GAMM Meeting 2017 in Illmenau/Weimar, there will be
an assembly of our activity group. Date and time will be announced in
due time.

The schedule for this assembly will contain the following main items:
1) Report by the chair
2) New elections of the board (this is in accordance with our statutes)
If you would like to add further points, please let us know.

4.) GAMM Junior Class of 2017

Ten new GAMM Juniors have been elected, and we are very happy and proud
to report that again one of them belongs to our community:
* Martin Genzel (TU Berlin)
Congratulations to our new GAMM Junior!

We encourage everyone to check whether your university has a GAMM
representative, which will then coordinate and collect the nominations
for next class of GAMM Juniors. For more information, please see,

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be very
happy if you could let us know.

With best regards,

Martin Burger and Gitta Kutyniok