Dear colleagues,

We hope those of you who attended the Annual GAMM Meeting in Weimar
had a safe trip back home. We would also like to thank all who
participated actively in our section and the minisymposia
associated with our activity group.

With this newsletter, we would like to inform you about about the
following topics:
1.) Our Section at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2017
2.) Our Annual Meeting 2017 in Bremen
3.) Renewal of our GAMM Activity Group
4.) GAMM Elections
5.) MSIP Membership Assembly + Elections within MSIP

1.) Our Section at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2017

With about 30 presentations, our section was one of the largest of the
GAMM Meeting. The talks presented various aspects of mathematical signal-
and image procesing, varying from compressed sensing to variational methods
in image processing to applied harmonic analysis approaches, also including
methodologies such as deep neural networks. Thanks to Gabriele Steidl
(Kaiserslautern) and Jan Lellmann (Lübeck) for organizing a great

Also in the Young Researcher's Minisymposia related to our research
area, namely "Local and nonlocal methods for processing manifolds and
point cloud data" organized by Ronny Bergmann (Kasierslautern) and
Daniel Tenbrinck (Münster) a bouquet of interesting novel ideas were
presented. Also here, thanks to the two organizers for their great

2.) Our Annual Meeting 2017 in Bremen

In this year, our Annual MSIP-Meeting will take place in Bremen from
September 18--20, 2017, organized by Emily King. The workshop is
entitled "Mathematical Signal Processing and Data Analysis" and the
webpage is now online at
It would be great if you could already reserve those dates. Once
registration starts, we will let you know.

3.) Renewal of our GAMM Activity Group

This year, our GAMM Activity Group had to be evaluated for the first
time. We are very happy to report that everything went smoothly, and
our GAMM Activity Group is renewed for another three years.

4.) GAMM Elections

Several elections took place during the GAMM Annual Meeting. Particularly
interesting for our Activity Group is the election of Gabriele Steidl
(Kaiserslautern) to the Program Committee, which selects the plenary
speakers, etc. for the Annual Meetings. Moreover, Gitta Kutyniok (Berlin)
was reelected to serve as a member of the managing board of GAMM for another
three years.

5.) MSIP Membership Assembly + Elections within MSIP

During the Annual GAMM Meeting 2017 in Weimar, an assembly of our activity
group took place with the following schedule:
(1) Report by the chair
(2) Future Activities
(3) New Elections of the Board
In (1) and (2) Gitta Kutyniok (Berlin) as the chair presented the goals of
our group such as providing a common platform for all researchers interested
in mathematical signal- and image processing and supporting our young
reviewed which activities were initiated to reach those such as our job
and which future activities such as conferences are planned. In (3) Gitta
Kutyniok (Berlin) was reelected as chair and Martin Burger (Münster) as
Co-Chair to serve for another three years.

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be very
happy if you could let us know.

With best regards,

Martin Burger and Gitta Kutyniok