Mathematical Signal and Image Processing (MSIP)

Newsletter 03/2014

Dear colleagues,

We hope those of you who attended the Annual GAMM Meeting in Erlangen had a safe trip back home. We would also like to thank all who participated actively in our section and the minisymposia affiliated with our activity group.

In this newsletter we would like to provide a resume of our activities at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2014, inform you about the elections of the managing board of GAMM, and discuss the general assembly of our activity group with the election of the new board. As usual, we also include the new job openings and conferences at the end.

Our Section at the GAMM Annual Meeting 2014

With 3 keynote lectures and 29 invited/contributed talks, our section was one of the largest of the GAMM Meeting. The talks presented various aspects of mathematical signal- and image procesing, varying from compressed sensing to variational methods in image processing to applied harmonic analysis approaches. Our section was also attended by several additional participants from other groups. Thanks to Gerlind Plonka-Hoch (Göttingen) and Joachim Weickert (Saarbrücken) for organizing a great section!

Also in both minisymposia related to our research area, namely "Linear Algebra in Compressive Sensing" organized by Massimo Fornasier (München) and "Multiscale Geometric Image Analysis" organized by Emily King (Bremen) and Martin Storath (Lausanne), a bouquet of interesting novel ideas were presented. Also here, thanks to the three organizers for their great job!

GAMM Elections

The secretary M. Kaliske (Dresden) and the treasurer M. Günther (Wuppertal) were both reelected. Then the following slots on the managing board were filled. Here are the results of the election:

    • Numerical Analysis:
    • G. Kutyniok (Berlin): 147 valid votes

      M. Hinze (Hamburg) : 121 valid votes

    • Fluid Mechanics:
    • G. Brenn (Graz) : 135 valid votes

      M. Krafczyk : 118 valid votes

    • Solid mechanics:
    • U. Nackenhorst (Hannover): 241 valid votes

Hence G. Kutyniok is elected to be a member of the managing board of GAMM. Thanks to all who supported her.

General Assembly of our Activity Group

First the chair reported on the development of the activity group as well as on current and future activities. Since the term of the current board will end on December 31, 2014, new elections were necessary. A discussion on how the board should represent the whole community in a suitable way followed. G. Kutyniok was then reelected as chair for the next three years, and the election of the co-chair(s) was postphoned to the annual GAMM Workshop in September in Göttingen. The details can be read in the minutes of meeting:

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be very happy if you could let us know.

With best regards,

Gitta Kutyniok, Gerlind Plonka, and Gabriele Steidl