Dear colleagues,

We would like to wish you a happy, healthy, and successful year 2015. In the first newsletter of this year, we will inform you about our board, the Annual GAMM Meeting in Lecce, and the newly elected GAMM Juniors.


From January 1 on, Martin Burger is the new co-chair of our activity group. He will also organize the next GAMM-MSIP meeting in Münster in September 2015, and we will inform you in due terms about details.

Annual GAMM Meeting 2015 in Lecce

The Annual GAMM Meeting 2015 will take place in Lecce, Italy from March 23--27, 2015. Members of our activity group will organize the following sessions:

* S21: Mathematical image processing; organized by Benjamin Berkels (RWTH Aachen), Stefan Kunis (Universität Osnabrück), and Gianluca Vinti (University of Perugia).

* MSYR4: Young Researcher Minisymposium on "Co-/Sparsity, Inverse Problems and Compressive Imaging"; organized by Stefania Petra (Universität Heidelberg) and Andreas Weinmann (Helmholtz Zentrum München).

The deadline for abstract submission for this event has been extended to January 11, 2015.

MSIP-Assembly at Annual GAMM Meeting

During the Annual GAMM Meeting 2015, there will be an assembly of our activity group taking place on Wednesday right after the last talk of our session, i.e., at 6:30PM, in the same room.

GAMM Juniors

Ten new GAMM Juniors have been elected of which one, Philipp Petersen (Berlin) is a member of our activity group. Congratulations Philipp! The complete list is

We encourage you to check whether your university has a GAMM representative, which will then coordinate and collect the nominations for GAMM Juniors. For more information, please see, e.g.,

Finally, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be very happy if you could let us know.

With best regards,

Martin Burger and Gitta Kutyniok